Links to Author and Publisher Websites

Below are links to websites of some of the lovely authors and publishers I’ve worked with.

Morgana Best USA Today bestselling author of small-town paranormal Australian cozy mysteries

Voices of Today Quality audiobook and audio drama, including numerous classics in the public domain

Ava Richardson (Relay Publishing) YA Fantasy

Emma Lea Steamy romance set in Australia

Chantal Fernando New York Times & USA Today bestselling steamy romance

Aoife Clifford Award-winning Australian crime fiction

Edmund Hughes Steamy harem superhero fantasy / gamelit

Tracey Alvarez Steamy romance set in New Zealand

In Too Deep from the Stewart Island series by the very talented (and USA Today bestselling author) Tracey Alvarez.  Tracey writes loveable, authentic, three-dimensional characters that we can all relate to as they deal with life (and love) on a rugged island at the southern tip of New Zealand’s beautiful south.

Lilliana Anderson Steamy contemporary Australian romance

I’ve narrated six books for popular Aussie romance author, Lilliana Anderson.  Set in contemporary urban Australia, Lilliana’s work usually includes scorching-hot interactions with a clash of wills, as good girls fall for ultra-steamy, ultra-delectable bad boys.

Fool Me Twice from the Cartwright Brothers series

the Drawn series:  Drawn, Drawn Redemption and Drawn Obsession

47 Things

Kelly Hunter  and  Tule Publishing

Stella Marie Alden

Back in 2016, I had the pleasure of narrating a three-book historical romance series for Amazon bestselling author, Stella Marie Alden.  From her home in America, Stella crafts multi-layered romances crossing a variety of sub-genres, from paranormal to historical, and almost everything in between.  The series I narrated were set in medieval England, where feisty heroines had to battle with more than just living pre-womens’ liberation!

How to Train your Knight

How to Seduce a Queen

How to Marry Your Wife.