Dragon’s Magic:
Reign of Chaos, Book 3
by Ava Richardson

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2022 production for Relay Publishing. YA/NA Fantasy Adventure. American accent narration. Character accents: American.

It’s an all-or-nothing fight for the kingdom.

The plague has been eradicated and the remaining nightmare monsters have fled Alveria—for now. With the Source of Fire now in their possession, Mari Asadottir and King Kai must remain vigilant during the royal ball held to honor their official bonding and graduation to Akademy initiates. For there are enemies all around.

With the Head Councilor trying to steal power, Kai must prove to his people that he can wisely and effectively rule. Deception is at work from every side, and Chaos will use anyone to achieve his aim. Including a spy placed in their midst.

When the Source of Fire goes missing, the betrayal cuts deep. But Mari and Kai can’t waste time licking their wounds while the fate of all magic hangs in the balance. Information from the captured spy leads them deep into the heart of enemy territory, seeking out the remaining Sources before Mari’s unique creation magic is destroyed forever.

But when word reaches them of an attack on the Akademy’s mountain fortress, Mari and Kai become embroiled in a horrific battle that threatens to bring them to their knees. Now, dragon and tamer must give it their all or witness the end of Alveria’s magic and the universe as they know it.

Queen of the Dragons’ Ava Richardson invites you to immerse yourself in a dragon-filled world with epic magic, fearless heroes and, at its heart, the deep bond between dragon and rider.