Joe Wilson and His Mates
by Henry Lawson
Narrated by Denis Daly and Amy Soakes

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2021 production from public domain text. Australian accent. Narrated by Denis Daly and Amy Soakes. Produced by Voicesof Today. 

This collection was published in 1901 and contains some of Lawson’s best known stories.
Most of the stories are set in the Australian bush, and feature many of Lawson’s iconic characters, like squatters, swagmen and struggling selector farmers. A persistent theme is the harshness of rural life and the inevitablity of personal tragedy.

  1. The Author’s Farewell to the Bushmen
  2. Joe Wilson’s Courtship
  3. Brighten’s Sister-In-Law
  4. “Water Them Geraniums”
  5. A Double Buggy at Lahey’s Creek
  6. The Writer Wants to say a Word
  7. The Golden Graveyard
  8. The Chinaman’s Ghost
  9. The Loaded Dog
  10. Poisonous Jimmy Gets Left
  11. The Ghostly Door
  12. A Wild Irishman
  13. The Babies in the Bush
  14. A Bush Dance
  15. The Buck-Jumper
  16. Jimmy Grimshaw’s Wooing
  17. At Dead Dingo
  18. Telling Mrs Baker
  19. A Hero in Dingo-Scrubs
  20. The Little World Left Behind
  21. The Never-Never Country