Maggie’s Run (Outback Brides Book 1)
by Kelly Hunter

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Maggie’s Run (Outback Brides Book 1)
Author: Kelly Hunter
Narrator: Amy Soakes


2018 production. USA TODAY Bestselling Author. Australian small-town contemporary romance.

From USA TODAY Bestselling Author, Kelly Hunter:

Maggie Walker has never called Wirra Station home. Orphaned as a child, she spent more time at boarding school, and then working in the city, than she ever spent on the edge of the outback. But when her great aunt dies, Maggie inherits everything and reluctantly returns to tidy the place up before selling.

Ambitious cowboy-next-door Max O’Connor has the means and the desire to buy Wirra Station outright and return it to its former glory. But first, he wants elusive Maggie Walker to know what she’s giving up. He challenges her to live at Wirra Station for three months—with him as farm manager. Just one season–and if she still doesn’t love the place, he’ll gladly pay up and she can be cashed-up and careless, with no ties to anything or anyone.

Three months. Two hearts. One Summer. Roll on.

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Take me to the Outback! 

I have never been to Australia, but Kelly Hunter has sparked the interest in me to go. Maggie inherits Wirra Station, and with unhappy childhood memories ventures back. She is unsure if she will keep the ranch, but has some ideas and if subdivision works, it will hopefully all work out. Max, the sheep farmer is interested in purchasing the land. These two have an unusual history, and though there is attraction, Maggie is not sure she is going to stay. There is a lot to this short story and Kelly Hunter has written it with well developed characters and an interesting story line. There is tragedy to overcome, financial hardship, and secrets to be revealed. I love the characters, Maggie is a tough girl, she has some issues, but a strong work ethic and lot of ambition. Max is warm and understanding, and while his desire to grow his sheep farm is strong, his attraction to Maggie is stronger. These two compliment each other well and I love their journey to happiness. 

Narrated by Amy Soakes, her Aussie accent gives this story the authenticity of being in the Outback. I loved her voices for the characters, each has it’s own personality and is easily distinguishable. Her pace is perfect and she makes this listen full of the emotional drive it is and takes you with Max and Maggie as they grow.


Donna from Orlando,

More Than A Neighbor’s Wager 

When Maggie Walker inherits a country property from her aunt, she plans to repair Wirra Stage to make it more appealing to sell. Max O’Connor who is her next door neighbor posses a wager to have Maggie stay on the property for three months prior to selling while he promises to manage the farm during that time. If after three months , this city gal does not find a place for Wirra Station in her heart, then Max will assume the property outright allowing Maggie to return to the city and her former life. That being said, Wirra Station is not the only thing that works it’s way into her heart…

The story’s dialogue flowed well between characters making it easy to discern each. The narrator used proper voice inflection based upon the emotion and occurrences in the book at that given time. She employs natural pauses that contribute to the story’s description and details. The dialogue presented was conducted in such a fashion that her voice made it possible to produce a visual image. Her performance enhanced the story and created the atmosphere for this audiobook to be enjoyed and appreciated.

I received a free copy of this audiobook however, the review is given honestly and voluntarily.