Now We Are Six (multi-narrator compilation)
by A. A. Milne

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2024 production for Voices of Today. Multi-narrator complication of classic poetry in the public domain, by A.A. Milne.  

This collection of 35 short poems was first published in 1927, and is a sequel to When We Were Very Young, which was the first anthology of verse dealing with the domestic adventures of Christopher Robin and Winnie the Pooh.

As the author explains in the introduction: “We have been nearly three years writing this book. We began it when we were very young … and now we are six. So, of course, bits of it seem rather baby-ish to us, almost as if they had slipped out of some other book by mistake. So we want you to know that the name of the book doesn’t mean that this is us being six all the time, but that it is about as far as we’ve got at present, and we half think of stopping there.”

Narrators include Bob Gonzalez, Daniela Acitelli, Emma Faye, JD Sutter, Cath Bilson, Kendra Murray, Erin Grassie, Ted Wenskus, Shane Hughes, Lucy Bacaller, Terah Tucker, Graham Scott, Jennie Litt, Susan Iannucci, Aisling Gray, Jennifer Fournier, Marty Krz, Lee Ann Howlett, Melissa Green, Rebecca H. Lee, Sarah Bacaller, Kris Keppeler, Alan Weyman, Rosalind Murphy, John Burlinson, Sumara Meers, Linda Barrans, Phil Chenevert, Amy Soakes, Tim Dehn, Roberta Jackson, Denis Daly, Gary MacFadden, David K. Martin, Kathleen Li, Sarah Jane Rose.