The Complete Drawn Series
by Lilliana Anderson

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The Complete Drawn Series: (Drawn, Obsession, Redemption, plus bonus content)
Author: Lilliana Anderson
Narrator: Amy Soakes


2016 production. Australian-set contemporary romance.

Reminiscent of the idea that was put forth in the movie Sliding Doors, and the choose your own adventure novels from our childhood, comes the Drawn Series, which is the first romance series where you get to decide the outcome of a love triangle. Do you want the bad boy or the good guy?

It’s entirely up to you.

And in this boxset, it’s easier than ever to choose.

Simply listen to Drawn and make your decision. Then follow the easy navigation at the end to choose your favorite hero. However, if you can’t choose, then simply listen through and experience the Sliding Doors effect where a different choice, a conversation left out, or a twist of fate, can send a person in a completely different direction.

Be warned. This is not your typical romance. This is a romantic thriller about an obsessive relationship between two people who struggle to maintain their control around each other.

From the best-selling author of the Beautiful Series, comes Drawn, a powerful tale of a relationship that rides the edge of hate and love and everything in between. And a friendship, so strong and loving that it will wait through anything.

In the end, you as the listener will be asked to make a choice. Aaron or Damien. Light or dark. There are two endings to this story, and only you can decide.

Enter the world of Etta, in Drawn.

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