It’s a Family Affair, We’ll Settle It Ourselves
by Alexander Ostrovsky
Narrated by John Burlinson, Kristina Rothe, Joan DuKore, Marty Krz, Amy Soakes, Lee Ann Howlett, Denis Daly

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2021 multi-cast production from public domain text. General US accent. Produced by Voices of Today. 

It’s a Family Affair, the first play by Alexander Ostrovsky was written in 1849, but 10 years elapsed before permission was given for it to be staged.

As with many of Ostrovsky’s plays, the target of the author’s satire is the merchant class and the inevitable corruption associated with mercantile endeavors. In Ostrovsky’s bitterly realistic world, all personal encounters end in transactions, some humourous and some tragic.


  • Samson Silych Bolshov – John Burlinson
  • Agrafena Kondratyevna – Kristina Rothe
  • Olimpiada Samsonovna (Lipochka) – Joan DuKore
  • Lazar Elizarych Podkhalyuzin – Marty Krz
  • Tiska – Joan DuKore
  • Ustinya Naumovna – Amy Soakes
  • Sysoy Psoich Rispolozhensky – Denis Daly
  • Fominishna – Lee Ann Howlett
  • Stage directions read by Denis Daly.