Sin and Sorrow Are Common to All
by Alexander Ostrovsky
Narrated by Robert Curran, Marty Krz, Amy Soakes, Vee McGuire, Denis Daly, Grace Keller Scotch, John Burlinson

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2021 production from public domain text. General US accent. Produced by Voices of Today. 

A central theme of Ostrovsky’s plays is the inevitable struggle between the demands of personal morality and and those dictated by social propriety. In this grim drama, the dramatist sketches a tragic incident arising from the conflict of two social classes: the petty tradesmen and the nobility. From the coarse environment of the first emerge honest, upright natures like Krasnov, the earnest shokeeper; from the superficial, dawdling culture of the second come weak-willed triflers like the ineffectual landowner, Babayev. The sordid plot sweeps on to its inexorable tragic conclusion with tremendous force.

Cast includes:

  • Valentin Pavlich Babayev – Robert Curran
  • Lev Rodionych Krasnov and Karp – Marty Krz
  • Tatyana Danilovna and Ulyana Rodionivna Kuritsyna – Amy Soakes
  • Lukerya Danilovna Zhmigulin – Vee McGuire
  • Arkhip – Denis Daly
  • Afonya and Prokofyevna – Grace Keller Scotch
  • Manulo Kalinych Kuritsyn and Shishgalev – John Burlinson