Audiobook Samples 

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Compilation of Various Character Accents / Narration:



SEVEN characters in a dialogue scene:

M/F, 4 female, 3 male, BBC English, cockney and Australian (“Reborn Raiders” by Edmund Hughes):

TWENTY-THREE character voices / accents:

M/F, UK, Australian, US, Cockney, Irish, Russian, generic north UK, Welsh and ‘alien’:

More samples:

Expressive female voice (UK accent) teasing, feisty, sarcastic, playful (“Reborn Raiders” by Edmund Hughes):

Alien voices with Australian narration (“Reborn Raiders” by Edmund Hughes):

M/M dialogue Irish and northern UK accents, Australian narration (“In the Blood” by Lesley Welsh):

M/F dialogue, RP/BBC English and northern UK, with Australian narration (“In the Blood” by Lesley Welsh):

Romance, contemporary, M/F/children dialogue, New Zealand character voices, Australian narration (“Melting Into You” by Tracey Alvarez):

M/M UK accent dialogue with Australian narration (“In the Blood” by Lesley Welsh):

Fiction/Romance M/F dialogue, New Zealand and Australian accents (“In Too Deep” by Tracey Alvarez):

Steamy/erotic romance, M/F, Australian accent (“Fool Me Twice” by Lilliana Anderson):

Australian Rural Romance, M/F (“Maggie’s Run” by Kelly Hunter):

Prices for Audiobook Narration and Production

  • PER FINISHED HOUR – $250-$350 per finished hour of audio (PFH) for narrated, edited, proofed and mastered, retail-ready files.
  • ROYALTY SHARE PLUS – $100 to $150 per finished audio hour plus 50% of audiobook sale royalties.
  • ROYALTY SHARE – 50% of audiobook sale royalties.
  • Rates of $215 plus PFH are available for raw (unedited, unmastered, unproofed) audio (generally only provided to traditional publishers and audio production houses)
  • Although the above gives a general idea of pricing, each project will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Royalty Share and Royalty Share Plus projects will be accepted where there is a good likelihood of audio selling well.



“Narrated by Amy Soakes, her Aussie accent gives this story the authenticity of being in the Outback. I loved her voices for the characters; each has its own personality and is easily distinguishable. Her pace is perfect, and she makes this listen full of the emotional drive it is and takes you with Max and Maggie as they grow.”

Patricia, Audible Review at

“The narrator used proper voice inflection based upon the emotion and occurrences in the book at that given time. She employs natural pauses that contribute to the story’s description and details. The dialogue presented was conducted in such a fashion that her voice made it possible to produce a visual image. Her performance enhanced the story and created the atmosphere for this audiobook to be enjoyed and appreciated.”

Donna from Orlando, Review at