Potion Politics (Weatherblight Saga Book 3)
by Edmund Hughes

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2019 production. 129 ratings of 4.8/5 for performance.
Popular Sci-Fi Fantasy GameLit/LitRPG harem adventure series. Main character accents: Australian, RP/BBC English, Russian. Additional accents: Cockney, Irish, Scottish, alien.

More than a month after Ari’s dramatic departure from Cliffhaven, he still remains adrift. During the long journey south back to Ethereal Tower, he thinks of nothing so much as what he could have done differently to save Kerys and Eva, the two women he loved most. The loss of them affects him like an unhealed wound, painful and prone to tearing open at the slightest touch. He’s left with empty questions, a dormant sword, and a fast dwindling lifespan. Oh, and Rin.

Of course, Ari has never been the type to give up easily. The few clues he’s discovered related to what has trapped Eva in her sword form lead him on a new adventure, one that has him staring down the ghosts of Mythril’s past.

A post-apocalyptic, dungeon crawling, fantasy harem adventure.

WARNING: This book contains a significant amount of explicit sexual content and some adult emotional situations. Reader discretion is advised.

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