Reborn Raiders (Weatherblight Saga Book 4)
by Edmund Hughes

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Reborn Raiders
Reborn Raiders
The Weatherblight Saga Book 4
Written by Edmund Hughes
Narrated by Amy Soakes


2019 production. 78 ratings of 4.9/5 for performance.
Popular Sci-Fi Fantasy GameLit/LitRPG harem adventure series. Main character accents: Australian, RP/BBC English, Russian. Additional accents: Cockney, Irish, Scottish, alien.

New problems bring new opportunities. After escaping the attack on Varnas-Rav, Ari and friends begin converting an ancient arena into a home defensible against the Weatherblight. For the first time in his life, Ari understands what it means to be a part of a real community.

But establishing a new frontier town brings with it a new set of responsibilities. He’s needed as a leader, a cornerstone of the newly growing settlement. He’s needed as a man, to give comfort and intimacy to the women he loves.

He’s needed as Lord Stoneblood.

A post-apocalyptic, dungeon crawling, fantasy harem adventure.

WARNING: This book contains a significant amount of explicit sexual content and some adult emotional situations. Reader discretion is advised.

3 Responses

  1. Dave buster

    Is there a release date

  2. Amy

    Hi Dave. I’m doing the narration for Reborn Raiders now, and I should be finished the narration/edit/proofing by the end of July. Then once Edmund (i.e. the author, Edmund Hughes) approves the audio, it will take about two weeks for Audible to run through its checks and then the audiobook will be for sale online. So realistically, it’s probably still about 5 or 6 weeks before the audiobook will be available – probably mid August to late August.
    I hope you’ve been enjoying the series. I’ve certainly enjoyed narrating it.
    Kind regards, Amy

  3. Amy

    Hi Dave,
    Reborn Raiders is available now on audio!
    Cheers, Amy