The Birth (Realm of Noria, Book 1)
by Paul Kite

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The Birth (Realm of Noria Book 1)
Written by Paul Kite
Narrated by Amy Soakes


2019 production. Sci-Fi/Fantasy GameLit/LitRPG adventure series by Russian LitRPG Author, Paul Kite (aka Pavel Korshunov). Main character accents: Australian, RP/BBC English, northern European. Additional accents: Cockney, Northern UK.:

For those who hunt for the best gems of the LitRPG genre. An impossible-to-miss explosive new release for GameLit fans everywhere.

Fate has lead Kraven to the brink of death!  After a catastophe in the real world that leaves his body languishing in captivity within a regeneration capsule; his mind is connected to ‘World of Noria’ – the latest ‘new-generation’ virtual reality game. Can Kraven survive in this dangerous frontier, as a strange system error deprives him of any connection with reality or outside help. A strange hybrid of Player and NPC, survival within the virtual world of Noria – with its own strange rules that seem to change as he gains strength – is the only chance Kraven has to recover his body and return to the real world. To survive in this needlessly cruel game, Kraven will need a strength he has little time to find. But who better than the ‘Shadows’, the most famous assassin guild in Noria, to help him find that strength?

‘The Birth’ is the first book in the Realm of Noria series by Paul Kite – one of the top-rated new-wave GameLit authors emanating from Russia. Join Kraven in the Realm of Noria, as he fights not only for his freedom, but also his life.

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