Broken Dreams:
Heart of Stone, Book 3
by Demelza Carlton

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** USA Today Bestselling Author **

2023 Production. Paranormal romance set in Australia. Australian and Scottish accents.

Since her mother died, Rochelle has known nothing but bad luck. Barely scraping through her studies in-between working two jobs while living with her soon-to-be ex-boyfriend—if he’d only listen to her long enough to hear her say it’s over—it’s all she can do to keep it together.

Until she meets Ben, a fellow artist who helps her break free. But Ben has dark secrets of his own, and a past darker than Rochelle can imagine.

Buried after a botched ritual, Ben wakes as a gargoyle protector. The gargoyle curse compels him to protect Rochelle, but Ben also has his own mission: to find his lost brothers, hunt down the man who cursed them, and make him pay for his crimes.

Ben thought he’d already killed him, but this time, he’s going to make sure he sends the bastard to hell permanently—even if he has to summon the devil himself to do it.