How to Marry Your Wife
by Stella Marie Alden

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How to Marry Your Wife
Author: Stella Marie Alden
Narrator: Amy Soakes


2016 production. UK-set historical romance. UK accents.

Thomas, from ‘How to Train Your Knight,’ is back… After six long years without a word, her beloved sings poetry? And then denies their son? Heed this well. She’s no longer an innocent who’ll giggle and tarry on his every word. The sharp edge of her tongue is the only welcome he’ll get. She’ll not marry him. Not ever.

Her attitude is beyond understanding. As any knight must, the king commanded and he obeyed. Now he’s come home to a boy she swears is his. By God, they will wed. It’s a long road from London to Hadrian’s Wall. Surely by then he can rekindle her passion. Otherwise, a life without her is just too much to bear.

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