Vision Voyage (Weatherblight Saga Book 2)
by Edmund Hughes

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Vision Voyage (The Weatherblight Saga Book 2)
Written by Edmund Hughes
Narrated by Amy Soakes


2019 production. 190 ratings of 4.7/5 for performance.
Popular Sci-Fi Fantasy GameLit/LitRPG harem adventure series. Main character accents: Australian, RP/BBC English, Russian. Additional accents: Cockney, Irish, Scottish, alien.

After a harrowing escape from the Weatherblight, Ari, Kerys, and Eva find themselves on Deepwater Spire, an ancient structure surrounded by endless ocean. With no other options, they bide their time, slowly building up the essence they need to reactivate the teleportation wards that will allow them to travel freely.

Their isolation takes on a life of its own, manifesting as much in their relationships with each other as their situation in the world. Kerys chafes at her inability to help explore the Spire in a meaningful way. Eva remains wary of the ghosts of her past, the memories that building the bond between her and Ari threaten to bring back.

And Ari hungers for a path forward that will let him keep his friends safe, preferably one that also leads to food more palatable than the bird meat they’ve been surviving off.

A post-apocalyptic, dungeon crawling, fantasy harem adventure.

WARNING: This book contains a significant amount of explicit sexual content and some adult emotional situations. Reader discretion is advised.

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